Tuesday, January 23, 2007


So a few weeks ago I bought this new thing at QFC called Shirataki. It's noodles made out of tofu. There was one kind that was shaped like fettuccine and one, that I got that was like spaghetti. The directions said to parboil it before using it to reduce the smell- which was a gross combination of seafood and some sort of house building material- drywall caulk maybe? Anyways, the smell should have been my first warning that these noodles were not going to be tasty. I stir fried some onion and carrot bits and mixed with the parboiled noodles and some teriyaki sauce. And EW. The noodles just had the weirdest texture to them- almost like too al dente pasta- but almost like crunchy at the same time. Just really disgusting. I think I only managed to eat like 3 bites and had to throw the rest away. Now I must find something really really normal to have for dinner. Maybe some toast.

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